Bright Experiments

(Under lock down)

What does a physicist do during lowk down? Well, scientists seek to experiment with whatever they can find around them. A roll of tape, felt pens, a torch, an old CD, 2 or 3 empty bottles, a glass, a little oil and off you go!
To accompany the lock down period of 2020, each week the researchers of Atouts Sciences (Ch. Daussy, S. Chésnais and N. Lidgi-Guigui) proposed to discover their “Bright experiments”

Dare to transform your living room into a laboratory and you will discover the surprising properties of light!

Most of the video are without voice so understandable by most

#1.1 Bending the light

#1.2 Total reflection

With Jean Michel Courty (Merci la physique)

#2 .1 White or coloured light ?

#2.2 Explanation of “White or coloured light”

#3.1 Will you know how to make a glass disappear ?

#3.2 Refraction Index

#4 Tape to colour light

#5.1 The 3D pyramid

#5.2 Is it actually a 3D image ?

#6 Coloured shadows

#7 Break a pen with liquids